Linking Life to Eternity

Ringwood Christian               Spiritualist Church

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Ringwood has been fortunate enough to have it’s own spiritualist church since approximately 1979, although the venue has changed from time to time (now in The Meeting House), there has always been a very warm welcome.
Ours is a joyous church and our services tend to be full of fun and upliftment.
Although our services can have a serious side there is generally laughter giving us a love of life.
How wonderful that our loved ones are able to communicate with us through the power of mediumship
We are fortunate in the quality of the mediums who serve our church - some coming from many miles away to provide us with a rich mix of styles and content.
Ringwood is an old bustling market town with an historic past and a forward thinking population and as a church we are no different.
We believe in serving the community and as a part of this our healing sanctuary is open to all who feel the need or who simply want to top up their energy due to the frantic pace of life today.

Following our services, the kettle is always on for a warming cup of tea or coffee and some cake.

You’ll be glad you stayed and socialised with us all.

We run on donations - please feel free to help us to keep our doors open.

Registered Charity 280939